Hey there! I’m Greg, a published author, amateur photographer, and professional web developer.


Back in 2018, I bought a mirrorless camera and spent months taking courses, reading, practicing, and having my work critiqued by peers. What has started as an enjoyable hobby, has turned into a passionate way to express my creativity and exhaust my bank account!

Web Development

I’m a Technical Lead at Americaneagle.com, an industry leader in web design, development, hosting, and digital marketing. I partner with clients to rebuild their websites with WordPress and Next.js. Learn more about my professional history on LinkedIn.


I contract with For Dummies and WROX brands to write and edit technical books. I wrote a children’s book in 2017 titled Creating a Website for Dummies Jr. It guides the reader through the website planning and development process. My book has been translated into other languages, and currently has a near 5-star rating on Amazon.

I've also served as the Technical Editor for three other books:

- WordPress for Dummies (Sabin-Wilson, 2021)

- Professional WordPress Plugin Development (Williams et al., 2020)

- WordPress All-In-One For Dummies (Sabin-Wilson, 2019)


I’ve been part of the WordPress community since 2008. I’ve made contributions to core, documentation, plugins, and themes. I’ve also spoken at WordCamps and meet-ups. I’m also a contributor to other open-source projects like Next.js, Storybook, and Gatsby.

Outside of tech, I volunteer my time and efforts at local community organizations. The Boy Scouts, Wiregrass Church, and the Enterprise High School Band Boosters to name a few.

Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!🍻

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